“skraw-met” home

   The SKRAW-MET Mechanical Plant is a company ope-rating since 1993. We employ ca. 30 workers who are specialists within the scope of their disciplines. The company structure enables quick and flexible re-action to the needs of our Customers. Our machine facilities and experience enable us to manufacture elements of varying level of complexity. We specia-lize in production of various small-and medium-sized structures, spare parts for agricultural machinery, parts cooperating with front loader and back loaders  We manufacture our products on the basis of many ye-ars of experience and collaboration with their users. We also provide the shot blasting and powder coating services both both for companies and for individual Customers. We have hardened storage yards having the surface area of 3000 m2 with easy access for HGVs.

The company is located ca. 100 km from Berlin and Szczecin, near important transit routs.

We are a reliable and proven partner. Check us out.  We are looking forward to doing business with You.